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The Yanné, Onsen Hotel

is the first hot-spring-themed hotel in South East Asia perched at the mountain peak, some 6,000 feet above sea level.


The multi-featured hot-spring pools retained freshly precipitated water from the highlands runoff and rock water recharge.


Hence, the hot springs are rich in mountain minerals.

The Yanné Onsen is a Konyoku (混浴) mixed-gender bath with swimwear concept.


Our guests can request for “kashikiri” bath, which is a public bath rented out privately, and we will reserve the kashikiri onsens for you to enjoy as a family or within your social group (min. 8 pax). 

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Spa Pool Bucket

Onsen Designs

The different Yanné Onsen pools are gently heated to varying optimal temperatures between 38 to 43 deg. C, so that you can plunge your wearied body into each and every sublime encounters.


The Sakura Pond: has beautiful flower pedals fallen and etched unto the floor, it is rich in unhurried flow of self-renewing underground salt water.


The Nano Bubble Pool: has micro bubbles which will penetrate into the pores of your skin leaving you a silky feel over the epidermis surface.


The Zaisu Onsen / Musical Cathedra: where you can sit and enjoy the magical tune of the outdoor air and nature.


The Aquifer Recharge: where we artificially re-imagine the natural geothermal infiltration process of rain, gravity, stream, rock and lowland. (Jacuzzi, in-ground spa)


The Wading: is a shallow heated water playground and relaxing pool for your own or your younger family members' leisure.

Changing Room

Health Benefits

The therapeutic benefits include relieving of joint and muscle pains, rejuvenating your skin tissues, revitalising your metabolism. A much needed cure for sound night sleep and early morning vitality.

Authentic Onsen
Communal Bath

Our Story of Origin

The origin of onsen (hot spring) and ryokan (hotel) can be traced back to the historic chronicles of Japan in 720 CE.

During the ancient era when boiled water was cumbersome, natural and geothermally heated spring water is believed to be divine and has long history of healing anecdotes because of its rich mineral content.

Immersion in medicinal baths containing sulfur, iron, and magnesium have plenty health benefits not limiting to healthy skin, aches and pains reduction, and even boosting the immune system.

Both the noble and the commoners enjoy such public baths.

At The Yanné, Onsen Hotel we architect such marvel by applying proprietary warmth and filtration knowledges on natural mountain water. Together with our thoughtful sanctuary spa and comfortable hotel beds, our goal is simple -- to rejuvenate and revitalize many wearied bodies.


Just as the word ’Yanné’ has dual expositions of family root and supernatural gift, the curated hot spring experience will surely bond peers and family pedigrees in harmony, and draw your soul into serendipity.

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